Using Tree Stumps at Home and at Office

As a leading provider of tree care and other related tree services, you will definitely end up with thousands of tree stumps and other forms of waste that you need to dispose correctly. Note that there are regulations that govern their disposal, if you do not dispose them well, you could be in deep trouble.

So, today I want to focus tree care companies as well as people, by giving you tips for using tree stumps.


Planters for Gardening

The planters that you have been using are ideal but can be improved to promote the growth of your tomatoes and onions. Tree stumps when made hollow can be used as planter for such type of garden plants. Overtime, the stump with start to rot and in the process it will add nutrients to the soil thereby eliminating the need to apply fertilizers.

For Making Tables and Seats

You do not have to leave the stumps lying around on your yard. You can use them to make antique seats and tables for your patio or even living room. If you think that is insane, check what the people are using to transform their homes. You will be surprised by how people are becoming innovating nowadays when it comes to recycling things

Finally, tree stumps can be used to enhance the playing ground for your children. Check the internet for more details about how to make stumps as playing items.

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